ti_thread.h File Reference

Detailed Description

JVMTI support.

TI part of the Java threading interface. The TI part is mostly targeted to address the needs of JVMTI and java.lang.management classes needs. All functions start with jthread_* prefix.


struct  JVMTILocalStorage
 JVM TI local storage structure. More...


typedef HyThreadjthread_iterator_t


VMEXPORT JVMTILocalStoragejthread_get_jvmti_local_storage (jthread java_thread)
State query
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_jvmti_state (jthread thread, jint *thread_state)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_all_threads (jthread **threads, jint *count)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_deadlocked_threads (jthread *thread_list, jint thread_count, jthread **dead_list, jint *dead_count)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_count (jint *count)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_blocked_count (jint *count)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_waited_count (jint *count)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_total_started_thread_count (jint *count)
Monitor info
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_contended_monitor (jthread thread, jobject *monitor)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_wait_monitor (jthread thread, jobject *monitor)
VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_holds_lock (jthread thread, jobject monitor)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_lock_owner (jobject monitor, jthread *lock_owner)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_lock_recursion (jobject monitor, jthread lock_owner)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_owned_monitors (jthread thread, jint *mon_count_ptr, jobject **monitors)
VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_is_thread_contention_monitoring_enabled ()
VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_is_thread_contention_monitoring_supported ()
VMEXPORT void jthread_set_thread_contention_monitoring_enabled (jboolean flag)
CPU timing
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_cpu_time (jthread thread, jlong *nanos_ptr)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_user_cpu_time (jthread thread, jlong *nanos_ptr)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_blocked_time (jthread thread, jlong *nanos_ptr)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_waited_time (jthread thread, jlong *nanos_ptr)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_cpu_timer_info (jvmtiTimerInfo *info_ptr)
VMEXPORT jlong jthread_get_thread_blocked_times_count (jthread java_thread)
VMEXPORT jlong jthread_get_thread_waited_times_count (jthread java_thread)
VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_is_current_thread_cpu_time_supported ()
VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_is_thread_cpu_time_enabled ()
VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_is_thread_cpu_time_supported ()
VMEXPORT void jthread_set_thread_cpu_time_enabled (jboolean flag)
Peak count
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_reset_peak_thread_count ()
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_peak_thread_count (jint *threads_count_ptr)
Raw monitors
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_create (jrawMonitorID *mon_ptr)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_destroy (jrawMonitorID mon_ptr)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_enter (jrawMonitorID mon_ptr)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_try_enter (jrawMonitorID mon_ptr)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_exit (jrawMonitorID mon_ptr)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_notify (jrawMonitorID mon_ptr)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_notify_all (jrawMonitorID mon_ptr)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_wait (jrawMonitorID mon_ptr, I_64 millis)
jthread iterators
VMEXPORT jthread_iterator_t jthread_iterator_create (void)
VMEXPORT jthread jthread_iterator_next (jthread_iterator_t *it)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_iterator_reset (jthread_iterator_t *it)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_iterator_size (jthread_iterator_t iterator)
VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_iterator_release (jthread_iterator_t *it)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct HyThread* jthread_iterator_t

Function Documentation

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_jvmti_state ( jthread  thread,
jint thread_state 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_all_threads ( jthread **  threads,
jint count 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_deadlocked_threads ( jthread thread_list,
jint  thread_count,
jthread **  dead_list,
jint dead_count 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_count ( jint count  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_blocked_count ( jint count  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_waited_count ( jint count  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_total_started_thread_count ( jint count  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_contended_monitor ( jthread  thread,
jobject monitor 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_wait_monitor ( jthread  thread,
jobject monitor 

VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_holds_lock ( jthread  thread,
jobject  monitor 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_lock_owner ( jobject  monitor,
jthread lock_owner 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_lock_recursion ( jobject  monitor,
jthread  lock_owner 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_owned_monitors ( jthread  thread,
jint mon_count_ptr,
jobject **  monitors 

VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_is_thread_contention_monitoring_enabled (  ) 

VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_is_thread_contention_monitoring_supported (  ) 

VMEXPORT void jthread_set_thread_contention_monitoring_enabled ( jboolean  flag  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_cpu_time ( jthread  thread,
jlong nanos_ptr 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_user_cpu_time ( jthread  thread,
jlong nanos_ptr 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_blocked_time ( jthread  thread,
jlong nanos_ptr 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_waited_time ( jthread  thread,
jlong nanos_ptr 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_thread_cpu_timer_info ( jvmtiTimerInfo info_ptr  ) 

VMEXPORT jlong jthread_get_thread_blocked_times_count ( jthread  java_thread  ) 

VMEXPORT jlong jthread_get_thread_waited_times_count ( jthread  java_thread  ) 

VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_is_current_thread_cpu_time_supported (  ) 

VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_is_thread_cpu_time_enabled (  ) 

VMEXPORT jboolean jthread_is_thread_cpu_time_supported (  ) 

VMEXPORT void jthread_set_thread_cpu_time_enabled ( jboolean  flag  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_reset_peak_thread_count (  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_get_peak_thread_count ( jint threads_count_ptr  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_create ( jrawMonitorID mon_ptr  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_destroy ( jrawMonitorID  mon_ptr  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_enter ( jrawMonitorID  mon_ptr  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_try_enter ( jrawMonitorID  mon_ptr  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_exit ( jrawMonitorID  mon_ptr  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_notify ( jrawMonitorID  mon_ptr  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_notify_all ( jrawMonitorID  mon_ptr  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_raw_monitor_wait ( jrawMonitorID  mon_ptr,
I_64  millis 

VMEXPORT JVMTILocalStorage* jthread_get_jvmti_local_storage ( jthread  java_thread  ) 

VMEXPORT jthread_iterator_t jthread_iterator_create ( void   ) 

VMEXPORT jthread jthread_iterator_next ( jthread_iterator_t it  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_iterator_reset ( jthread_iterator_t it  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_iterator_size ( jthread_iterator_t  iterator  ) 

VMEXPORT IDATA jthread_iterator_release ( jthread_iterator_t it  ) 

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