Inter-component Interfaces Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_OpenComponentDefault component interface
_OpenComponentManagerThe virtual table which contains public component manager interface
_OpenEmVmThe structure comprises all EM to VM interface methods
_OpenInstanceThe generic component instance
_OpenInstanceAllocatorThe private component interface used by a component manager to allocate and dispose instances
_OpenInterfaceThe _OpenInterface structure represents a virtual table of interface functions
ChaClassIteratorThis structure is meant to be opaque
ChaMethodIteratorThis structure is meant to be opaque
ClassVM representation of Java class
ConstantPoolThe constant pool of a class and related operations
ConstPoolEntryThe constant pool entry descriptor
EM_ProfileAccessInterfaceA EM interface used to access to profile collectors
HyThreadNative thread control structure
HyThread_publicNative thread control structure's public fields
hythread_start_proc_dataStart procedure data structure
HyVMLSFunctionTableThe VM local storage function table
InterpreterInterpreter table
JavaVM_ExternalJNI Invocation Interface table for use in C++ sources
JavaVMAttachArgsStructure which describes arguments for attaching a native thread to a Java VM
JavaVMInitArgsStructure which describes one Java VM invocation arguments for JNI interface version 1.2 and greater
JavaVMOptionStructure which describes one Java VM invocation argument
JNIEnv_ExternalJNI Native Method Interface table for use in C++ sources
JNIInvokeInterface_JNI Invocation Interface table for use in C sources
JNINativeInterface_JNI Native Method Interface table for use in C sources
JNINativeMethodStructure which describes a generic pointer to a native function
jthread_start_proc_dataJava thread creation attributes
jvalueThis union used to pass arguments to native functions when Call<type>MethodA and CallStatic<type>MethodA functions are used
jvmtiAddrLocationMapNative to bytecode location mapping information
jvmtiCapabilitiesBit table of JVMTI capabilities supported by VM
jvmtiClassDefinitionClass redefinition information structure
jvmtiEnv_structJVMTI interface functions table for use in C++ sources
jvmtiEventCallbacksEvent callbacks table
jvmtiExtensionEventInfoExtension events information structure
jvmtiExtensionFunctionInfoExtenstion functions information structure
jvmtiFrameInfoSingle stack frame information structure
jvmtiLineNumberEntryLine numbers information structure
JVMTILocalStorageJVM TI local storage structure
jvmtiLocalVariableEntryLocal variables information structure
jvmtiMonitorUsageMonitor usage information structure
jvmtiParamInfoArguments information for extension events callbacks
jvmtiStackInfoSingle thread stack information structure
JVMTIThreadJava-specific context that is attached to tm_thread control structure by Java layer
jvmtiThreadGroupInfoThread group information structure returned by GetThreadGroupInfo function
jvmtiThreadInfoThread information structure returned by GetThreadInfo function
jvmtiTimerInfoTimer information structure
ti_interfaceJVMTI interface functions table for use in C sources
VMInterfaceFunctions_The VM interface function table

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