Mspace Struct Reference

#include <mspace.h>

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Detailed Description

Xiao-Feng Li, 2006/10/05

Public Attributes

void * heap_start
void * heap_end
POINTER_SIZE_INT reserved_heap_size
POINTER_SIZE_INT committed_heap_size
unsigned int num_collections
int64 time_collections
float survive_ratio
unsigned int collect_algorithm
Boolean move_object
Space_Statistics * space_statistic
volatile uint64 last_alloced_size
uint64 accumu_alloced_size
uint64 total_alloced_size
uint64 last_surviving_size
uint64 period_surviving_size
unsigned int first_block_idx
unsigned int ceiling_block_idx
volatile unsigned int free_block_idx
unsigned int num_used_blocks
unsigned int num_managed_blocks
unsigned int num_total_blocks
volatile Block_Headerblock_iterator
float expected_threshold_ratio

Member Data Documentation

void* Mspace.heap_start

void* Mspace.heap_end

POINTER_SIZE_INT Mspace.reserved_heap_size

POINTER_SIZE_INT Mspace.committed_heap_size

unsigned int Mspace.num_collections

int64 Mspace.time_collections

float Mspace.survive_ratio

unsigned int Mspace.collect_algorithm

GC* Mspace.gc

Boolean Mspace.move_object

Space_Statistics* Mspace.space_statistic

volatile uint64 Mspace.last_alloced_size

uint64 Mspace.accumu_alloced_size

uint64 Mspace.total_alloced_size

uint64 Mspace.last_surviving_size

uint64 Mspace.period_surviving_size

Block* Mspace.blocks

unsigned int Mspace.first_block_idx

unsigned int Mspace.ceiling_block_idx

volatile unsigned int Mspace.free_block_idx

unsigned int Mspace.num_used_blocks

unsigned int Mspace.num_managed_blocks

unsigned int Mspace.num_total_blocks

volatile Block_Header* Mspace.block_iterator

float Mspace.expected_threshold_ratio

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