GC Struct Reference

#include <gc_common.h>

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Public Attributes

void * physical_start
void * heap_start
void * heap_end
POINTER_SIZE_INT reserved_heap_size
POINTER_SIZE_INT committed_heap_size
unsigned int num_collections
Boolean in_collection
int64 time_collections
float survive_ratio
SpinLock mutator_list_lock
unsigned int num_mutators
Collector ** collectors
unsigned int num_collectors
unsigned int num_active_collectors
Marker ** markers
unsigned int num_markers
unsigned int num_active_markers
GC_Metadata * metadata
Finref_Metadata * finref_metadata
unsigned int collect_kind
unsigned int last_collect_kind
unsigned int cause
Boolean collect_result
Boolean generate_barrier
Vector_Block * root_set
Vector_Block * weakroot_set
Vector_Block * uncompressed_root_set
Space_Tuner * tuner
unsigned int gc_concurrent_status
Collection_Scheduler * collection_scheduler
SpinLock concurrent_mark_lock
SpinLock enumerate_rootset_lock
SpinLock concurrent_sweep_lock
SpinLock collection_scheduler_lock
unsigned int _system_alloc_unit
unsigned int _machine_page_size_bytes
unsigned int _num_processors

Member Data Documentation

void* GC.physical_start

void* GC.heap_start

void* GC.heap_end

POINTER_SIZE_INT GC.reserved_heap_size

POINTER_SIZE_INT GC.committed_heap_size

unsigned int GC.num_collections

Boolean GC.in_collection

int64 GC.time_collections

float GC.survive_ratio

Mutator* GC.mutator_list

SpinLock GC.mutator_list_lock

unsigned int GC.num_mutators

Collector** GC.collectors

unsigned int GC.num_collectors

unsigned int GC.num_active_collectors

Marker** GC.markers

unsigned int GC.num_markers

unsigned int GC.num_active_markers

GC_Metadata* GC.metadata

Finref_Metadata* GC.finref_metadata

unsigned int GC.collect_kind

unsigned int GC.last_collect_kind

unsigned int GC.cause

Boolean GC.collect_result

Boolean GC.generate_barrier

Vector_Block* GC.root_set

Vector_Block* GC.weakroot_set

Vector_Block* GC.uncompressed_root_set

Space_Tuner* GC.tuner

unsigned int GC.gc_concurrent_status

Collection_Scheduler* GC.collection_scheduler

SpinLock GC.concurrent_mark_lock

SpinLock GC.enumerate_rootset_lock

SpinLock GC.concurrent_sweep_lock

SpinLock GC.collection_scheduler_lock

unsigned int GC._system_alloc_unit

unsigned int GC._machine_page_size_bytes

unsigned int GC._num_processors

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