Apache Harmony is retired at the Apache Software Foundation since Nov 16, 2011.

The information on these pages may be out of date, or may refer to resources that have moved or have been made read-only.
For more information please refer to the Apache Attic

Supported Platforms

Apache Harmony's primary goal is a complete Java SE implementation on a wide range of platforms.

The project offers pre-built snapshots and source code for a number of platforms, summarized in the table below. You can get Apache Harmony builds at our download page. Please use the mailing list to report errors and user experience.

  Windows* 2000 Windows XP, 2003, Vista Linux* OS FreeBSD AIX OS X
IA-32 (Pentium III or better) ? + + ?    
x86_64 (EM64T, AMD64)
  + +      
Itanium (IA64, IPF)
  ? +      
PPC32     ?      
PPC64     ?   ?  
zSeries (31 bit)     ?      


List of Sure-to-work Platforms

We're now focusing on Windows* and Linux* operating systems on x86 and x86_64 architectures, while testing and ports to other platforms are also highly welcomed. Specifically, Harmony Development Kit is tested to work on the following platforms on a regular basis. For the most up-to-date information on supported platforms, please visit the dedicated Wiki page.

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