Apache Harmony is retired at the Apache Software Foundation since Nov 16, 2011.

The information on these pages may be out of date, or may refer to resources that have moved or have been made read-only.
For more information please refer to the Apache Attic

Harmony with Other Projects

We bundle Apache Harmony with other projects to create out-of-the-box solutions and to show that Harmony can work successfully with well-known applications.

In Harmony with Eclipse

In Harmony with Eclipse project was created in cooperation with the Eclipse Foundation. The latest bundle includes Harmony 5.0 M5 and Eclipse 3.3.2.

Apache Tomcat

This bundle includes slightly patched version of Harmony M4 and Apache Tomcat 6.0.14 server.

Evermore Integrated Office

EIOffce with Harmony project was created in cooperation with Evermore Software.

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