modules/portlib/src/main/native/port/shared/hytlshelpers.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Per Thread Buffer Support.

Per thread buffers are used to store information that is not sharable among the threads. For example when an OS system call fails the error code associated with that error is relevant to the thread that called the OS function; it has no meaning to any other thread.

This file contains the functions supported by the port library for creating, accessing and destroying per thread buffers.

See also:
hyportptb.h for details on the per thread buffer structure.
Only the function hyport_tls_free is available via the port library function table. The rest of the functions are helpers for the port library only.

#include <string.h>
#include "hyport.h"
#include "portpriv.h"
#include "hythread.h"
#include "hyportptb.h"


void VMCALL hyport_tls_free (struct HyPortLibrary *portLibrary)
 Per Thread Buffer Support.

Function Documentation

void VMCALL hyport_tls_free ( struct HyPortLibrary portLibrary  ) 

Per Thread Buffer Support.

Free the per thread buffers.

[in] portLibrary The port library.

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