Apache Harmony is retired at the Apache Software Foundation since Nov 16, 2011.

The information on these pages may be out of date, or may refer to resources that have moved or have been made read-only.
For more information please refer to the Apache Attic

Building and Deploying the Apache Harmony Website


The following tools are required to build the Harmony website:


Some versions of JRE (e.g. Hotspot 1.5 on Windows) have problems converting Russian pages, in particular they corrupt UTF-8 cyrillic symbols. This can be easily detected, just open any generated Russian page in a browser and check if it contains unreadable symbols (like empty boxes). If you see them, you must use another JRE - Harmony is the natural choice. Set JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to an appropriate directory and you're done.

  1. Download the website source from Harmony subversion repository:
  2. $ svn checkout https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/harmony/standard/site/trunk site
  3. Change into the site directory:
    $ cd site
  4. Run the default ant script target:
  5. $ ant

At this point, you have a complete generated website and documentation in the site/docs subdirectory. Open the index.html page and start browsing.

Making Changes

Making changes is straightforward. All edits are made to the contents of the xdocs/ subdirectory, and then rendered via the procedure above into the docs/ directory.

If you are a Harmony committer, you can simply checkin your changes. If you are not a committer, any updates and additions to the site are very welcome. Please see our Get Involved page for instructions on how to contribute your changes.

Deploying to Harmony Website

If you are a Harmony Committer, you can commit your changes into SVN. Once committed changes in site/trunk should appear on the staging site. After reviewing your changes, using the username/password of 'staging'/'staging', you should merge your changes from site/trunk to branches/live. To do that:

  1. Check out the live branch:
    $ svn checkout https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/harmony/standard/site/branches/live live-site
  2. Go to the live-site directory:
    $ cd live-site
  3. Merge the changes from site/trunk:
    $ svn merge https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/harmony/standard/site/trunk
  4. Commit the changes to the live branch (using the revision number of the last change on site/trunk):
    $ svn ci -m "Merging from trunk@824513"
  5. The changes should appear shortly on the live site.

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