jvalue Union Reference

#include <jni_types.h>

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Detailed Description

This union used to pass arguments to native functions when Call<type>MethodA and CallStatic<type>MethodA functions are used.

It consists of all possible primitive Java types plus jobject, so it is possible to pass any kind of argument type through it.

Public Attributes

jboolean z
jbyte b
jchar c
jshort s
jint i
jlong j
jfloat f
jdouble d
jobject l

Member Data Documentation

jboolean jvalue.z

jbyte jvalue.b

jchar jvalue.c

jshort jvalue.s

jint jvalue.i

jlong jvalue.j

jfloat jvalue.f

jdouble jvalue.d

jobject jvalue.l

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