jvmti_internal.h File Reference


struct  Agent
struct  TIEnvList
struct  jvmti_frame_pop_listener
struct  jvmti_StepLocation
struct  JVMTISingleStepState
class  Watch
class  DebugUtilsTI


typedef char * options
typedef char void * reserved
typedef Class Class


typedef jint (JNICALL *f_Agent_OnLoad)(JavaVM *vm
Gregory Shimansky

typedef void (JNICALL *f_Agent_OnUnLoad)(JavaVM *vm)
 Pointer to a function which could be launched as a separate agent thread.
jvmtiError add_event_to_thread (jvmtiEnv *env, jvmtiEvent event_type, jthread event_thread)
void remove_event_from_thread (jvmtiEnv *env, jvmtiEvent event_type, jthread event_thread)
void add_event_to_global (jvmtiEnv *env, jvmtiEvent event_type)
void remove_event_from_global (jvmtiEnv *env, jvmtiEvent event_type)
jthread getCurrentThread ()
jint load_agentlib (Agent *agent, const char *str, JavaVM_Internal *vm)
jint load_agentpath (Agent *agent, const char *str, JavaVM_Internal *vm)
jvmtiError jvmti_get_next_bytecodes_from_native (VM_thread *thread, jvmti_StepLocation **next_step, unsigned *count, bool invoked_frame)
void jvmti_set_single_step_breakpoints (DebugUtilsTI *ti, jvmti_thread_t jvmti_thread, jvmti_StepLocation *locations, unsigned locations_number)
void jvmti_set_single_step_breakpoints_for_method (DebugUtilsTI *ti, jvmti_thread_t jvmti_thread, Method *method)
void jvmti_remove_single_step_breakpoints (DebugUtilsTI *ti, jvmti_thread_t jvmti_thread)
jvmtiError JNICALL jvmtiGetNCAIEnvironment (jvmtiEnv *jvmti_env,...)
Boolean is_valid_throwable_object (jthread thread)
Boolean is_valid_thread_object (jthread thread)
Boolean is_valid_thread_group_object (jthreadGroup group)
Boolean is_valid_class_object (jclass klass)
jvmtiError jvmti_translate_jit_error (OpenExeJpdaError error)
void jvmti_SingleStepLocation (VM_thread *thread, Method *method, unsigned location, jvmti_StepLocation **next_step, unsigned *count)
bool jvmti_process_breakpoint_event (TIEnv *env, const VMBreakPoint *bp, const POINTER_SIZE_INT data)

Typedef Documentation

typedef char* options

typedef char void* reserved

typedef struct Class Class

Function Documentation

typedef jint ( JNICALL *  f_Agent_OnLoad  ) 

Gregory Shimansky


typedef void ( JNICALL *  jvmtiStartFunction  ) 

Pointer to a function which could be launched as a separate agent thread.

See specification for details.

jvmtiError add_event_to_thread ( jvmtiEnv env,
jvmtiEvent  event_type,
jthread  event_thread 

void remove_event_from_thread ( jvmtiEnv env,
jvmtiEvent  event_type,
jthread  event_thread 

void add_event_to_global ( jvmtiEnv env,
jvmtiEvent  event_type 

void remove_event_from_global ( jvmtiEnv env,
jvmtiEvent  event_type 

jthread getCurrentThread (  ) 

jint load_agentlib ( Agent agent,
const char *  str,
JavaVM_Internal vm 

jint load_agentpath ( Agent agent,
const char *  str,
JavaVM_Internal vm 

jvmtiError jvmti_get_next_bytecodes_from_native ( VM_thread thread,
jvmti_StepLocation **  next_step,
unsigned *  count,
bool  invoked_frame 

void jvmti_set_single_step_breakpoints ( DebugUtilsTI ti,
jvmti_thread_t  jvmti_thread,
jvmti_StepLocation locations,
unsigned  locations_number 

void jvmti_set_single_step_breakpoints_for_method ( DebugUtilsTI ti,
jvmti_thread_t  jvmti_thread,
Method method 

void jvmti_remove_single_step_breakpoints ( DebugUtilsTI ti,
jvmti_thread_t  jvmti_thread 

jvmtiError JNICALL jvmtiGetNCAIEnvironment ( jvmtiEnv jvmti_env,

Boolean is_valid_throwable_object ( jthread  thread  ) 

Boolean is_valid_thread_object ( jthread  thread  ) 

Boolean is_valid_thread_group_object ( jthreadGroup  group  ) 

Boolean is_valid_class_object ( jclass  klass  ) 

jvmtiError jvmti_translate_jit_error ( OpenExeJpdaError  error  ) 

void jvmti_SingleStepLocation ( VM_thread thread,
Method method,
unsigned  location,
jvmti_StepLocation **  next_step,
unsigned *  count 

bool jvmti_process_breakpoint_event ( TIEnv env,
const VMBreakPoint bp,
const POINTER_SIZE_INT  data 

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