Immediate_Encoder_offset6 Class Reference

#include <merced.h>

Inheritance diagram for Immediate_Encoder_offset6:

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Public Member Functions

 Immediate_Encoder_offset6 ()
unsigned A2 (unsigned count2)
unsigned A3_A8_I27_M30 (unsigned imm8)
unsigned A4 (unsigned imm14)
unsigned A5 (unsigned imm22)
unsigned I6 (unsigned count5)
unsigned I8 (unsigned count5)
unsigned I10 (unsigned count6)
unsigned I11 (unsigned len6, unsigned pos6)
unsigned I12 (unsigned len6, unsigned pos6)
unsigned I13 (unsigned len6, unsigned pos6, unsigned imm8)
unsigned I14 (unsigned len6, unsigned pos6, unsigned imm1)
unsigned I15 (unsigned len4, unsigned pos6)
unsigned I18 (unsigned upper_32, unsigned lower_32)
unsigned I19_M37_B9_F15 (unsigned imm21)
unsigned I21 (unsigned tag13, unsigned IP)
unsigned I23 (unsigned mask17)
unsigned I24 (unsigned imm28)
unsigned M3_M8_M15 (unsigned imm9)
unsigned M5_M10 (unsigned imm9)
unsigned M34 (unsigned il, unsigned o, unsigned r)
unsigned B1_B2_B3 (unsigned target25, unsigned IP)
unsigned I20_M20_M21 (unsigned target25, unsigned IP)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Immediate_Encoder_offset6.Immediate_Encoder_offset6 (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.A2 ( unsigned  count2  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.A3_A8_I27_M30 ( unsigned  imm8  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.A4 ( unsigned  imm14  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.A5 ( unsigned  imm22  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I6 ( unsigned  count5  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I8 ( unsigned  count5  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I10 ( unsigned  count6  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I11 ( unsigned  len6,
unsigned  pos6 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I12 ( unsigned  len6,
unsigned  pos6 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I13 ( unsigned  len6,
unsigned  pos6,
unsigned  imm8 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I14 ( unsigned  len6,
unsigned  pos6,
unsigned  imm1 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I15 ( unsigned  len4,
unsigned  pos6 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I18 ( unsigned  upper_32,
unsigned  lower_32 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I19_M37_B9_F15 ( unsigned  imm21  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I21 ( unsigned  tag13,
unsigned  IP 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I23 ( unsigned  mask17  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I24 ( unsigned  imm28  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.M3_M8_M15 ( unsigned  imm9  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.M5_M10 ( unsigned  imm9  ) 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.M34 ( unsigned  il,
unsigned  o,
unsigned  r 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.B1_B2_B3 ( unsigned  target25,
unsigned  IP 

unsigned Immediate_Encoder_offset6.I20_M20_M21 ( unsigned  target25,
unsigned  IP 

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