HyFatLockTable Struct Reference

#include <thread_private.h>

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Public Attributes

hythread_monitor_ttables [(((0xFFFFF+1)+(16 *1024)-1)/HY_FAT_TABLE_ENTRIES)]
hymutex_t mutex
hycond_t read
hycond_t write
int readers_reading
int readers_waiting
int writers_waiting
hythread_locktable_state_t state
U_32 read_count
unsigned char * live_objs
U_32 size
U_32 array_cursor

Member Data Documentation

hythread_monitor_t* HyFatLockTable.tables[(((0xFFFFF+1)+(16 *1024)-1)/HY_FAT_TABLE_ENTRIES)]

hymutex_t HyFatLockTable.mutex

hycond_t HyFatLockTable.read

hycond_t HyFatLockTable.write

int HyFatLockTable.readers_reading

int HyFatLockTable.readers_waiting

int HyFatLockTable.writers_waiting

hythread_locktable_state_t HyFatLockTable.state

U_32 HyFatLockTable.read_count

unsigned char* HyFatLockTable.live_objs

U_32 HyFatLockTable.size

U_32 HyFatLockTable.array_cursor

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