DrlEMImpl Class Reference

#include <DrlEMImpl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DrlEMImpl ()
virtual ~DrlEMImpl ()
virtual bool init ()
virtual void deinit ()
virtual void executeMethod (jmethodID meth, jvalue *return_value, jvalue *args)
virtual JIT_Result compileMethod (Method_Handle method_handle)
virtual void registerCodeChunk (Method_Handle method_handle, void *code_addr, size_t size, void *data)
virtual Method_Handle lookupCodeChunk (void *addr, Boolean is_ip_past, void **code_addr, size_t *size, void **data)
virtual Boolean unregisterCodeChunk (void *addr)
virtual unsigned int getNumProfilerThreads () const
virtual void classloaderUnloadingCallback (ClassLoaderHandle class_handle)
virtual void methodProfileIsReady (MethodProfile *mp)
virtual bool needTbsThreadSupport () const
virtual void tbsTimeout ()
virtual int getTbsTimeout () const
ProfileCollectorgetProfileCollector (EM_PCTYPE type, JIT_Handle jh, EM_JIT_PC_Role jitRole) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DrlEMImpl.DrlEMImpl (  ) 

virtual DrlEMImpl.~DrlEMImpl (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool DrlEMImpl.init (  )  [virtual]

virtual void DrlEMImpl.deinit (  )  [virtual]

virtual void DrlEMImpl.executeMethod ( jmethodID  meth,
jvalue *  return_value,
jvalue *  args 
) [virtual]

virtual JIT_Result DrlEMImpl.compileMethod ( Method_Handle  method_handle  )  [virtual]

virtual void DrlEMImpl.registerCodeChunk ( Method_Handle  method_handle,
void *  code_addr,
size_t  size,
void *  data 
) [virtual]

virtual Method_Handle DrlEMImpl.lookupCodeChunk ( void *  addr,
Boolean  is_ip_past,
void **  code_addr,
size_t *  size,
void **  data 
) [virtual]

virtual Boolean DrlEMImpl.unregisterCodeChunk ( void *  addr  )  [virtual]

virtual unsigned int DrlEMImpl.getNumProfilerThreads (  )  const [virtual]

virtual void DrlEMImpl.classloaderUnloadingCallback ( ClassLoaderHandle  class_handle  )  [virtual]

virtual void DrlEMImpl.methodProfileIsReady ( MethodProfile mp  )  [virtual]

Implements EM_PC_Interface.

virtual bool DrlEMImpl.needTbsThreadSupport (  )  const [virtual]

virtual void DrlEMImpl.tbsTimeout (  )  [virtual]

virtual int DrlEMImpl.getTbsTimeout (  )  const [virtual]

ProfileCollector* DrlEMImpl.getProfileCollector ( EM_PCTYPE  type,
JIT_Handle  jh,
EM_JIT_PC_Role  jitRole 
) const

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