org.apache.harmony.kernel.vm.Threads Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class must be implemented by the VM to support the Threading subsystem.

Public Member Functions

void unpark (Thread thread)
void parkFor (long nanoseconds)
void parkUntil (long time)

Static Public Member Functions

static Threads getInstance ()

Static Private Attributes

static final Threads INSTANCE = new Threads()

Member Function Documentation

static Threads org.apache.harmony.kernel.vm.Threads.getInstance (  )  [static]

Retrieves an instance of the Threads service.

An instance of Threads.

void org.apache.harmony.kernel.vm.Threads.unpark ( Thread  thread  ) 

Unparks the Thread that's passed.

thread The Thread to unpark.

void org.apache.harmony.kernel.vm.Threads.parkFor ( long  nanoseconds  ) 

Park the current thread for the specified number of nanoseconds.

nanoseconds The number of nanoseconds to park the current thread.

void org.apache.harmony.kernel.vm.Threads.parkUntil ( long  time  ) 

Park the current thread until the specified time, as defined by System#currentTimeMillis().

time The absolute time to park the current thread until.

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