Enc_Code_Patch Member List

This is the complete list of members for Enc_Code_Patch, including all inherited members.

_nextEnc_Patch [protected]
apply(char *code_buffer, uint64 *target_offset_tbl)=0Enc_Code_Patch [pure virtual]
Enc_Code_Patch(Enc_Patch *n, uint64 o, unsigned s, unsigned p)Enc_Code_Patch
Enc_Patch(Enc_Patch *n)Enc_Patch [protected]
offsetEnc_Code_Patch [protected]
operator delete(void *p, tl::MemoryPool &m)Enc_Code_Patch
operator new(size_t sz, tl::MemoryPool &m)Enc_Code_Patch
patch_target_idEnc_Code_Patch [protected]
slotEnc_Code_Patch [protected]

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