Deprecated List

Member java::lang::ClassLoader.defineClass (byte[] classRep, int offset, int length)
Use defineClass(String, byte[], int, int)

Member java::lang::Runtime.runFinalizersOnExit (boolean run)
This method is unsafe.

Member java::lang::Runtime.getLocalizedInputStream (InputStream stream)
Use InputStreamReader

Member java::lang::Runtime.getLocalizedOutputStream (OutputStream stream)
Use OutputStreamWriter

Member java::lang::System.runFinalizersOnExit (boolean flag)
This method is unsafe.

Member java::lang::Thread.countStackFrames ()
The results of this call were never well defined. To make things worse, it would depend if the Thread was suspended or not, and suspend was deprecated too.

Member java::lang::Thread.destroy ()
Not implemented.

Member java::lang::Thread.resume ()
Used with deprecated method Thread.suspend().

Member java::lang::Thread.stop ()

Member java::lang::Thread.stop (Throwable throwable)

Member java::lang::Thread.suspend ()
May cause deadlocks.

Member java::lang::ThreadGroup.allowThreadSuspension (boolean b)
Required deprecated method suspend().

Member java::lang::ThreadGroup.resume ()
Requires deprecated method Thread.resume().

Member java::lang::ThreadGroup.stop ()
Requires deprecated method Thread.stop().

Member java::lang::ThreadGroup.stopHelper ()
Requires deprecated method Thread.suspend().

Member java::lang::ThreadGroup.suspend ()
Requires deprecated method Thread.suspend().

Member java::lang::ThreadGroup.suspendHelper ()
Requires deprecated method Thread.suspend().

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